Monumental Mountain Montage! Call for Mountain Vacation Photos

We want to honor the mountains we love and retreat to in a Monumental Mountain Montage. Gainesville Loves Mountains (GLM) invites you to submit your favorite mountain vacation photos. We want to see YOUR mountain memories in our montage! Submit your photos on our facebook event page.

Vacay in the Appalachians mountains, circa 1975

Vacay in the Appalachians mountains, circa 1975

We would like to include the Mountain Montage in a display outside the April 17th City Commission meeting where Lauren Poe will direct City staff to take the initial steps to formally end GRU’s relationship with strip-mined coal from Appalachia. We will also post the montage to our website to emphasize this strong connection between Gainesville residents and Appalachia.

You can read more details here, but here’s how you can help us win:

*Please share this petition with everyone you know and ask them to sign on before April 17th.

*We also need Gainesville residents, as well as Appalachians living in the shadow of MTR, to contact our City Commission personally and let them know that you support our campaign. Even a brief personal phone call, letter, or email with the simple message “I want GRU to bring a permanent end to their consumption of strip-mined Appalachian coal” goes a long way.

*And finally, if you live in the Gainesville area, please help spread the word about the April 17th City Commission meeting on Facebook. You can also help us outreach for the April 17th meeting through phone-banking and canvassing at public events. If you have even one hour of time between now and the 17th and would be willing to help get out and spread the word, please contact us and we’ll put you to work!


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